Education Assessments

University Library, Portsmouth

This £11m extension to Portsmouth University library is said to be an exemplar of sustainable design with high occupancy control and low energy consumption. From the very start of the project the design team were set a target of BREEAM “Excellent”. Falling outside the standard BREEAM schemes, EAC worked with the project team to ensure that the tailored Bespoke BREEAM criteria reflected and rewarded the project’s innovative features. EAC has experience in achieving high BREEAM ratings and advised the team of the most appropriate credits to aim for, given the location and design criteria.

EAC also gave sound advice on how to achieve the more challenging credits and both EAC and the project team were rewarded with a building that achieved the BREEAM “Excellent” rating.

Building type: Library  Value: 11m     Gross floor area: 4,270m²     (assessed area 2,213m²)                                                       

Project team:  Client / Developer: University of Portsmouth   Architect: Penoyre & Prasad   Building Services: Gifford

Key project features: Predominantly natural ventilation, improved insulation reducing energy consumption, where cooling is required this has been provided by an air source heat pump, biodiversity has been enhanced around the development and the use of water efficient appliances and rainwater recycling reduces the amount of potable water consumed.


Oxford Brookes University, School of Technology

The £5.5m, environmentally innovative building provides a complex of laboratories, lecture theatres and workshops centred around a large space dedicated to motorsport engineering. The building is 4,700m2 and features three solar chimneys which aid natural ventilation and maximise daylight in the main laboratory areas. EAC was involved during the design stage and advised the project team how they could achieve the highest BREEAM rating.

EAC ensured that the bespoke credits provided by BRE recognised the innovations of the building and were appropriate to its functions. By paying particular attention to the Management and Health and Wellbeing sections, the building achieved a well-deserved BREEAM “Very Good” rating.

Building type: School of Technology     Value: £5.5m     Gross floor area: 4,700m2                                 

Project team:  Client / Developer: Oxford Brookes University   Architect / Building Services / Quantity Surveyor: Ridge                  Contractor: Bluestone plc

Key project features: Energy efficient approach, utilising the thermal mass of the concrete frame and the potential for natural ventilation. Building services strategy adopted a mix of natural and mechanical ventilation with comfort cooling provided via heat pumps to the lecture theatre and seminar rooms. Heating to the offices is provided via gas fired modular boilers supplying radiators and to the workshops via a high-level gas fired warm air system. Solar chimneys maximise daylight and assist natural ventilation, reducing energy demand. Thermal modelling studies conducted during design phase to assess risk of summertime overheating. Landscaping includes a balancing pond to enhance area’s ecology.


Lakeside Children’s Centre, Derby

This scheme is the flagship of Derby City Council’s Children’s Centres Programme and provides health services, childcare and family support. It features two multi-purpose rooms that provide parents and parents-to-be with access to a range of classes. The design focused on encouraging community involvement and shared facilities, both of which are recognised within BREEAM.

The EAC assessor guided a keen, knowledgeable project team in achieving the appropriate BREEAM credits.

The project team were experienced in sustainable building design. The assessor ensured that the sustainable materials included within the design met the specific BREEAM requirements. This process ensured that the credentials of the building were properly reflected and the team achieved a BREEAM “Very Good” rating and a satisfied client.

Building type: Children’s Centre     Value: £1.2m     Gross floor area: 258m2                                    

Project team:   Client: Derby City Council   Developer: Norwest Holst   Architect: Race Cottam Associates                                         Mechanical and Electrical: Mitchell and Hewitt

Key project features: Naturally ventilated with efficient heating systems and the use of recycled aggregates and low embodied energy material specifications. Excellent transport links, local amenities and a dedicated transport plan considering access around the site. Good occupant comfort provided by a considered lighting and heating design. Low impact from construction works with the contractors scoring full marks on minimising their construction site impacts.