International Assessments

   Toyota France, La Rochelle

Toyota France has developed an energy efficient, low environmental impact building in La Rochelle, France.  The project was used as a pilot for the early development of a bespoke BREEAM scheme for Toyota Europe.  The project set a design target of achieving a BREEAM rating of Excellent.

The design incorporated many features to reduce the environmental impact of the building, these include:  energy efficient lighting with reduced levels of design illumination on the showroom; innovative heating and cooling using a Canadian Well to temper supply air; energy efficient building fabric and passive design features to reduce solar gains; timber and steel frame construction with a green roof; the use of photovoltaic panels on the roof structures over the outdoor car sales areas.

The EAC assessor worked both with the Toyota project team and the BREEAM office to help develop the bespoke credit mix, and advise the design team of the evidence requirements.  The assessment process is on-going with the project likely to achieve the desired rating of Excellent.