Justice Building Assessments

Salisbury Law Court

This new court building comprises of two Crown and two magistrates’ courts, a district judge hearing room plus all the associated office accommodation and the regional office. HMCS required that the building design achieved a BREEAM “Excellent” rating.  EAC worked with Dean and Dyball and later Mansell Construction Services since early in the tender process to ensure that the required credits to achieve “Excellent” were incorporated into the project.

EAC has provided on-going guidance throughout the design development and during the early stages of construction, assisting with the development of the documented evidence.

The project achieved its BREEAM “Excellent” rating and won the BREEAM Courts Award 2010.

Building type: Law court   Value:  £15m   Gross floor area: 3,779m2                    

Project team:   Client: Her Majesty’s Court Services   Developer / Contractor: Mansell Construction   Architect: Stride Teglowen          Building Services: Foreman Roberts   Cost consultant: Mansell Construction Services

Key project features: The building design achieves good standards of energy efficiency with the expected performance of the building services closely matched to the loads. Water consumption has been reduced through the specification of low water use fittings and toilets and the specification of water monitoring systems. The environmental impacts associated with the selection of materials were carefully considered during design, which resulted in the use of a ‘novel’ reinforced concrete ‘bubble’ deck system to help reduce the amount of concrete used in the frame and the weight of the structure. The project team has carried out a thorough consultation with the local residents and building users ensuring that the building is fit for purpose and part of the community. The contractor has also committed to the highest environmental standards whilst being on site, demonstrated by a high score from the initial Considerate Constructors monitor’s inspection.


 Birmingham Magistrates Court

The proposed building is a new Magistrates’ Court in Birmingham that will comprise 24 court rooms plus ancillary accommodation for staff, judiciary, witnesses, defendants, legal professionals and members of the public totalling approximately 20,000m2 over 13 levels. The new court building is required to replace the existing Magistrates’ Court accommodation with the Victoria Law Courts, a Grade 2* listed building, which cannot meet the current standards and requires a significant refurbishment, which will be procured through a separate project.

Building type:   Law court   Value:  Approx. £70m   Gross floor area: 20,000m2

Project team:   Client: Her Majesty’s Courts Service   Project Manager: Mouchell
Denton Corker Marshall Ltd.                        Building Services: Mott MacDonald

Key project features: The design team are investigating connection to Birmingham’s district heating scheme and the use of ground source heat pumps.



 Bristol Civil Justice Centre

The Bristol Civil Justice Centre is a 7 storey development (basement, ground, mezzanine and 1st to 4th) containing courtrooms, consultation rooms, judges’ offices, District Judges’ offices witness suites, staff assemblies, hearing rooms, advocates suites, jury rooms, committee rooms, conference rooms, judges’ library and lounge, general office space, public waiting areas, entrance lobbies and other associated spaces.

The development was required to achieve a BREEAM “Excellent” rating. The EAC assessor worked with the design team to look at each area and establish the most cost effective approach given the buildings constraints and location circumstances.


The development’s rating currently exceeds 70% and it scores particularly well within the management, water, transport and health and wellbeing section.

Building type:   Civil Justice Centre   Value:  £25m   Gross floor area: 9,570m2

Project team:   Developer: Scottish Widows plc   Contractor: Miller Construction   Architect: Associates Architects                                     Building Services: Hilson Moran Partnership   Cost Consultant: Gleeds

Key project features: The building frame will be a cast in situ, reinforced concrete frame.  The external walls utilise a mixture of cladding systems including a stone cladding supported by concrete slabs.  The design of the building utilises both good solar access to promote natural daylight and heat gains and natural ventilation in combination with the mass of the building structure.  The building uses a combination of natural ventilation, mixed mode ventilation and air-conditioned spaces.  The approach adopted in each area depends on the usage of that space.